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Hi…I’m John Healy an adventure guide of Ireland and owner of MyTours Ireland, I’m happy to welcome you to my site, my adventure and my country. I’m sure MyTours Ireland will be your great Tour of Ireland also.

MyTours Ireland is the result of the many tours and adventure activities I have completed abroad and at home in Ireland. Having hiked solo and in groups throughout Sardinia,Australia,Ethiopia and Ireland and having cycled and hiked throughout Kerry, I decided to open MyTours Ireland to suit you. MyTours is about you and what your dream adventure of Ireland should be. We travel only in small groups with a maximum of 8 people in our comfortable limobus. Let me entertain you with the unique history and mythology of southwest Ireland, it really is a wonderful county to visit. At MyTours we intend to meet all your expectations of what a private tailor made tour should be… with a mixture of bikes, hikes kayaking horse riding and other adventures all done in spectacular settings and in comfort…

I have learned from talking to the many tourists we get here, that what they really want is to get away from the mainstream tour buses and to meet the locals, to explore ancient and significant places and to do this all at their leisure ,so on MyTours Ireland you’ll enjoy exploring off the beaten path. You’ll get to have the craic with the locals, have picnic lunches on hillsides, beaches and mountains and I’ll personally be your guide to some of Kerry’s and Ireland’s greatest places like skellig Michael, the lakes of killarney and Mt Carrontuohill.

I am originally from Kerry, born and bred and am now based in Kerry and therefore I like to pride myself in being able to showcase my beautiful county, known as the kingdom as no others can….as a local.

Kerry has it all in terms of scenery, the longest beaches, the highest mountains and the tidiest towns and as we say in Kerry there are only two Kingdoms…the kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Kerry..

There is so much to do in Kerry besides cycling and hiking from boating with dolphins to surfing lessons, from kayaking with seals to refreshing seaweed baths. You will enjoy the seafood and the pints in Sibin styled pubs , the genuine warmth and humour of the local people.

I will be delighted to help you in any way I can on your MyTour and to tailor it to suit your needs, whether you are travelling alone or as a couple or larger groups I can help with all your queries at any time.

Looking forward to hearing from you

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