flying through Ireland

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The Star Wars Skellig Island

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Luke Skywalker rescued on Skellig Michael Mark Hamill Actor Mark Hamill had to be rescued when he slipped on the treacherous mountainside of Skellig Michael in Co. Kerry during filming of the latest Star Wars movie. Hamill, who plays Luke…

Places of Interest in Kerry

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Further to our top attractions below we list here a few more great places to visit. The following are our Top 5 Recommended Places to See on the Ring of Kerry.(Being Irish and from Kerry we have listed 6)  …

Stone Circles

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Stone Circles date from the Bronze age and these ancient monuments are usually associated with druidical ritual and are often referred to as a Druid circle. They are mostly found in the South of Ireland and in particular Kerry and…

The Red Deer Stag…why its our logo

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  The Irish Red Deer is Ireland’s largest native land mammal and they have been in the country since the last ice age some 10,000 years ago. Here in Kerry the red deer can be seen within the Killarney National…

How to Book with MyTours Ireland

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If you are thinking of adventure in Ireland...cycling ,,hiking,,, historical tours and chauffeur driven comfort...think Paying for your tour When your credit card transaction has been approved MyTours Ireland will email you a booking confirmation. We will do our best…